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ECO 2 & 4 Pole 3ph Brushless Alternators

ECO 2 & 4 Pole 3ph Brushless Alternators

Three-phase – Brushless – Electronic regulation (8÷170kVA / 50Hz 2 pole) (6,5÷2500kVA / 50Hz 4 pole)
This new series of alternators called ECO is the result of long experience in the sector and of diligent studies and researches aiming to keep pace with the technological development of an era where technology is the winning card.

Apart from guaranteeing the characteristics of the preceding series, such as assuring a permanent short circuit current above or equal to 3 times the nominal current, the ECO series has also been improved. As far as its mechanical components are concerned, the end-brackets have a new shape to improve ventilation, the coupling to the prime mover is simpler and the terminal boxes are bigger to simplify the connection of the electric cables. As for the electric components, the electronic regulators are always updated to improve their performance and reliability, with the possibility to interchange them with the previous ones.

All the ECO alternators have a fixed inductor with skewed slots and a rotating inductor fitted with a damper cage. The windings have a 2/3 pitch in order to reduce the harmonic content of voltage.

The entire series is manufactured according to and complies with the most common specifications such as CEI 2-3, EN 60034-1, IEC 34-1, NEMA MG 1-2009 part 32, VDE 0530, BS 4999-5000; special versions are available on request to meet specific specifications and regulations.

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